Eddie Hayson Denies NRL Match Fixing Allegations

The Aussie famous gambler, Eddie Hayson who was once in debt for millions has stated that he is now winning and solvent. He stated that he has been winning in his horse racing bets. He made such statements during a press conference that was packed with reporters that took place at a 5-star Sydney Hotel. He was not alone during this conference, as he had Max Markson, his PR Agent right next to him. Eddie Hayson stated that he wanted to address all of the allegations and the lies that were circling around him. These lies were regarding NRL Match fixing, which included him as well as some of his friends.

Last June, Eddie Hayson was in the middle of many allegations of gambling as well as NRL match fixing accusations for 2 games that involved the Manly Sea Eagles. A police task force from the NSW area, entitled Nuralda was created in order to investigate the match fixing allegations. They were also tasked with investigating the unusual betting on yet another match that involved the Manly Sea Eagles, in which they played against the Parramatta Eels. This was in April of 2016.

Eddie Hayson responded to these allegations by denying them all as he said he was not involved in any match fixing of any sort. He added that he was also not approached by the NRL or the police in order to answer any questions regarding the NRL match fixing allegations, and that he has never fixed a match in his life. He said that he believes that the story, which is all lies and fabrications, started with a motorcyclist who was in debt. In order for that bikie to retrieve the money he needs, he made up this story where he included his name to be involved in a match fix. He added that he threw his name into the mix just to embellish the story.

He also added that he was told that the bikie was having trouble with the police, and to get out of such trouble, he gave them information regarding the fix, which never existed. Then the police leaked this story to the press, which contacted one of his friends, a source, who fabricated the story. The story he created was that Eddie Hayson made a bet of 500,000 on a round 16 NRL match between the Manly and Souths last year, and that he paid 50,000 to 6 players from the Manly Sea Eagles. He denied these allegations stating that he never bet on either that game, or on another NRL match that involved Parramatta and Manly during the 24th round. After explaining the story, he started to answer the journalists’ questions, which painted a picture about this gambling habits and his extraordinary life.