Ellyse Perry Looks to Inspire Women

Most aspired sports stars dream of competing in the World Cup – so what would a women who has played in two World Cups in a couple different sports dream about? Ellyse Perry is an Australian sports star that has been ranked among the most marketable athletes in the world. At the young age of 16 she played international cricket and was on a competitive football team. She took off, and now at the age of 24 she is looking to make a much bigger impact on the sporting community.

Perry wants to inspire more women to get into sports, showing that it's not just for men. While currently finishing up her college degree, she is working to make an active difference in the world of woman's sports. She works with young girls to get them motivated and involved in sports.

“I know what sports have given to me in my life, what opportunities I've had and the lessons I've learned about myself and about life,” Ellyse told CNN news reporters during an interview. “It has been an unbelievable experience for me. It is something I feel truly fortunate to have had.”

It's not all about sports that is pushing Ellyse Perry to try and get young girls playing. It's important to live a healthy and active lifestyle that promotes good self-confidence and gives girls a positive body image. Exercise and fitness helps young girls become confident in their own abilities and goal-oriented. They do better in school and are more motivated to work towards success.

Ellyse Perry was destined to become a great athlete. Her mother was an avid swimmer while her father was as successful cricket player. Her father began coaching her at a young age and still performs this role today. Perry played on a local team that mainly consisted of boys, but she enjoyed the competition and even showed them a couple lessons as she dominated on the field. Ellyse Perry describes these days of her childhood as some of her “fondest memories.”

Perry has accomplished some amazing feats in recent years. In 2007, Ellyse became an international cricket player and was the youngest player to ever represent Australia. It was only two weeks later that she had won her first cap for the Matildas Australian football team in an Olympic qualifying game that was played against Hong Kong. She would later lead the Matlidas to reach the last eight in 2011. In 2008, Ellyse received a contract from Cricket Australia, which was the first time that something of its kind had been handed out to a female player.

Switching between sports, she played cricket as well and ended up winning three world Twenty20 titles. In 2013, she ended up winning the 50-over World Cup.