European Roulette

Since the 18th century, roulette has been a common casino game enjoyed by generations of players. The game was first played in Paris. That explains the name ‘roulette’. The game was named after a French way of saying tiny or small. It’s commonly referred to as the little wheel. Players always spin a wheel in this game. If you are interested in how to play roulette,there are a few things that you need to familiarize yourself with. These are the terms used in the game, the rules of the game and lastly you also need to know the etiquette of playing the game.

European Roulette the Variations

European roulette is only slightly different than what is played in American based roulette. The European style of roulette uses a slightly different ball and wheel in circumference, but this difference doesn't have much of an impact on the gameplay itself.

There are better odds of winning with the European style over American style though, but only slightly. Learning more about why this is and how it is possible to bet on the game is important to know and understand before attempting to make any sort of bet on these games.

For starters, the major difference between European and American roulette is the fact that American roulette uses two green numbers while European only uses one. The “0” is green in both games, but in the American style, there is a second “00”.

These are basically house spaces and, should the ball land on the green zeroes, the house wins. By having a second zero on the wheel, it increases the chance of the house winning from 1/37 to 2/38. This might not seem like a large jump but it really is. It actually boosts the odds to 1:19 for the house winning in American style against the 1:37 in Europe. So, this small added greek double zero is something to keep in mind when selecting a particular style of roulette to play.

Now, in terms of betting, there are all sorts of different kinds of bets. Most people know they can bet on a specific number. This is a straight bet. Naturally, it is rather difficult to predict which number the ball is going to land on with 37 different options, but it also pays out more than most of the other bets. In order to make this bet, the chips need to be placed directly in the middle of a number and not touch any of the lines.

The most common bet is simply betting on whether the ball lands on red or black. This is the main reason why there is a green space on the wheel. It is to tilt the odds slightly in the favor of the house. A player can bet whether it comes up even or odd as well.

After this, there is a split bet. This is where the chips are placed in between two different numbers, directly on the line. Someone can bed for a 7 and 10 by placing the chips on the line in between the two numbers. This reduces the potential winnings should one of the numbers comes up, but it also doubles the chances of winning as well.

There is what is known as a street bet, which is done by placing a chip on the edge of a line at the end of a line (on either the left or right side of the board). This allows the player to bet on a full line. In a similar manor, it is possible to make a “corner” bet.

This is when chips are placed at the intersecting lines of four different numbers. This is known as a corner bet (basically a double split bet). A six line bet, or double street, is done when the chips are placed on the end of a row, but covering two rows (placing the chip on the end line hanging over the 1 bets for the 1,2,3 row, but placing the chip hanging over the end on the 1 and the 4 row adds in the 4,5,6 as well). A trio can be bet by placing the chips between the 0 and the line for 1,2,3 as well.

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