French Roulette

Roulette is widely played in Europe, United States of America, and Asia as well. It’s slowing gaining grounds in most casinos all over the world.

There are several variations of this game and there is litle diference between the variations. Bet on the lay out refers to a bet placed on any of the numbers that are on the table.
American wheel and the French wheel. These two are different in the slots of numbers.

The American wheel has thirty-seven slots while the French wheel has thirty six slots.

History of French Roulette

French Roulette is a french casino game from the 18th century. It was adopted by the entire world very quickly and many different versions where soon adapted in countries in the Americas and Europe. The roulette table was picked up by all the casinos and in no time it became one of the most popular casino games in history. Millions of people play roulette to this day and the game only gains in popularity over time. It is a game of luck but the fun in it can keep a player sitting for hours.

Roulette is a casino game that derives its name from a French word meaning little wheel. The game consists of players that either choose to bet on a number, a range of numbers, odd or even numbers, and the colors red or black. After they place their bets, the wheel is spun in the same direction each time. Immediately after spinning the wheel, a small ball is spun in the opposite direction of the wheel. The ball goes around an arched round track that goes along the circumference of the wheel. After the ball slows down, it will eventually fall into one slot that can be one of 37 numbered and colored slots around the wheel. Whichever slot the ball lands on determines the winner or winners. These basic principles are pretty simple and there are many ways to win at Roulette. Here are some examples of Roulette outcomes:

  • The ball lands on the number 7 which is also the color red. This means that anyone that bet on the single number 7, a range of numbers that included 7, the color red, or an odd number wins the round.
  • The ball lands on the number 24 which is also the color black. This means that any player that bet on the single number 24, a range of numbers that include 24, the color black, or an even number wins the round.

Number Sequence

The slots of a Roulette wheel are numbered from 1 to 36. Odd numbers are red and even numbers are black but only with the number ranges 1-10 and 19-28. With number ranges 11-18 and 29-38, the even numbers are red and the odd numbers are black. There is also a green slot that is numbered zero. The order of the numbers in most casinos that use French Roulette are as follows:

0 – 32 – 15 – 19 – 4 – 21 – 2 – 25 – 17 – 34 – 6 – 27 – 13 – 36 – 11 – 30 – 8 – 23 – 10 – 5 – 24 – 16 – 33 – 1 – 20 – 14 – 31 – 9 – 22 – 18 – 29 – 7 – 28 – 12 – 35 – 3 – 26

Roulette Rules

Players have a few options when it comes to how they bet on Roulette. They can either bet inside or outside bets on the wheel. Inside bets require betting on a single number or a range of numbers that they believe the ball will land in. These types of bets are very small, meaning they have a smaller chance of being landed on. Outside bets require betting on a bigger scale. The player can either bet on the color of the slot or whether the number will be even or odd. This gives the players a better chance of winning, based on probability. Inside bets produce more winnings because it is more difficult while outside bets are much more likely but produce smaller winnings.

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