Gambling Operators Pay Up As World is Shocked by Donald Trump Win

Donald Trump, who is now the president of the United States of America, has shocked the world. The new president secured his place in the White House after defeating Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the USA. With this shocking win, the bookmakers around the world and in Australia are beginning to count their losses.

US Elections Wagers at the Bookmakers

Millions of dollars have been placed as wagers on the results of the USA elections, although the final numbers are still emerging. The acrimonious battle between the Republican candidate, Donald Trump and the rivaling Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton saw a record amount of wagers. Therefore, many gamblers cashed in after the election results were announced. This happened after millions of voters from across the USA came out in huge numbers in order to express their vote. The results of the election really echoed the results of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. This is because as the majority decided to vote against the elite and protest against them, which resulted in the victory of Donald Trump.

Punters Who Wagered the Right Way

The pollsters expected that Hillary Clinton will secure the win. Much like the Brexit, they were wrong once again. This is because the slender lead that Hillary Clinton had turned out to be a great loss. On the other hand, canny and smart punters placed bets against the polls and bet on the victory of Donald Trump.

One gambler from the United Kingdom placed a bet of 200,000 English Pounds, which is almost 322,000 in AU$ on Trump. He won £500,000, which was one of the biggest bets paid during Election Night. Also, William Hill, reported a £100,000 bet on Trump. According to William Hill, they have exceeded the 4 million mark. This represents the first time that this have ever happened on a political event.

Operators Count Their Losses

The losses from the election reached the Irish based bookie, PaddyPower. PaddyPower has declared a total of AU$6 Million on Trump winning. The website began at 101.00 for Trump, but the odds were slashed as he was catching up to his rival, Hillary Clinton, in the polls. Most bookmakers in Australia had a Trump win at around $4.5 as the polls were over back in the USA. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton was the sure fire bet, with $1.22 odds. All of this was affected by the polls, and the fact that no one believed that Donald Trump would pull it off.

Paddy Power losses would have been slashed if they did not jump the gun by paying a big Clinton win last month. This is because the bookie is well known for paying out early when it comes to sport/political events. The bookie paid over AU$1.3 million in “wins” for Hillary Clinton punters.