Gambling Related Corruption Shocks the Aussie Cricket Sport

Australia is one of the countries that have a pretty open gambling market, whether it be sports, or offshore online casinos, but it seems the CA (Cricket Australia) runs a tight ship. This is because in news that shocked the entire Aussie cricket sport, Cricket Australia has issued a ban for 2 players for placing wagers on matches, and it also gave a suspended ban to a 3rd player as a part of the Zero Tolerance approach when it comes to any sort of gambling related corruption.

The two players are Corinne and Hayley Jensen, the two players used to play in the National League for Woman and the Twenty20 tourney. They both received a two year ban, with eighteen months suspension. Hayley Jensen has confessed to placing 1 bet on the result regarding the Test match that was between New Zealand and Australia at the Gabba in November of last year.

As for Hall, she made 2 bets related to the result of the 2 matches in the domestic 1 day competition for men during the 2015-2016 Season. Hall and Hayley Jensen have been prohibited from taking part in any form of cricket, as well as any cricket related events for a period of 6 months, that ends on the 21st of October of this year, according to Cricket Australia.

As for Joel Logan, who is the player for South Australia that plays in the Futures League, he was sanctioned for the placement of 2 wagers on the winner of the World Twenty20 tourney. Logan also received a 2 year ban, this it was suspended because of the circumstances that are related to his match contracts as well as the specific time of the bet. The three players are also obligated to take part in anti-corruption educational programs.

As stated by Iain Roy, the integrity boss Iain of Cricket Australia, CA takes a zero tolerance and a pro active approach in order to maintain the integrity of the sport of Cricket, and this includes any types of betting on the sport globally. He added that the players have fully accepted how serious the errors were, and they have voluntarily accepted the applied sanctions.