Greens Party in Australia Wants to Ban Sports Betting Advertisements

The Greens Party of Australia is stating that it would introduce a new legislation that is similar to the legislation that banned tobacco advertising back in 1992. This legislation aims to ban all types of sports wagering advertising to the Australian public. The Greens announced that this proposal would ban sports wagering advertising as well as the cash for comments in which the commentators in the popular sports shows integrate sports wagering promotions into their sporting programs, as well as sponsorships for sporting teams by the big gambling operators.

Back in 2013, Australia has banned the on air promotions of sporting live odds during the sports broadcasting, but it seems that the Greens Party is trying to implement tighter restrictions that they claim would avoid tarnishing the iconic sporting codes of Australia and it would prevent the normalization of gambling for the Australian youth. The wider goal for the Greens Party is to stem the sport betting tide before it becomes normal for all Australians to place wagers on sports.

Richard Di Natale, the Senator,  the Greens Critic, who has once pushed for quite a similar ban on the betting adverts on the radio, stated that sports wagering is pretty much like tobacco, as it is a product that is only for adults, and it needs to be addressed according to that. He added that adults have every right to place wagers on the games as much as they want, but watching a sporting game should not resemble stepping into a casino gaming venue.

When it comes to the Australian gambling market, there is no doubt that the sports betting operators have been marketing their products in an aggressive manner in order to take the biggest share of the market that they can get. According to a study by Fairfax Media, during the 1st weekend of the 2016 season of the Australian Football League, one out of every 6 advertisement belonged to a gambling operator that was promoting its gambling products.

Ian Fletcher, the AWC’s (Australian Wagering Council) CEO has labeled the Green’s proposal to be a political and piecemeal gesture that caricatures a very complex problem in an unhelpful way. Fletcher also noted that sports wagering only accounts for three percent of the total wagering expenditure of Australians. Commenting on the proposed ban, Ian Fletcher has warned from a total advertisement ban on all types of sports wagering, stating that it would have tremendous effects on different industries that would, by default, affects the economy. These industries are the sporting, media and racing industries.