Greyhound Racing to be Banned in NSW

The government of the New South Wales (NSW) State has made an announcement that stunned and shocked the entire Aussie gambling and racing industry, and NSW in specific. This announcement was the banning of all forms of Greyhound racing in the state, starting from the middle of next year. This announcement was made by Mike Baird, the Premier of the NSW government through this Facebook page. The announcement stated that in response to the great spread of unconscionable and illegal activity in the state of New South Wales, an end to the greyhound industry must come, an industry that employs approximately one thousand people.

The government of NSW had already established a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the industry reports that emerged connected to the greyhound racing industry that stated the existence of animal cruelty, as well as numerous of other illegal actions, this includes live baiting. This was exposed by an ABC program report. The report of the special inquiry commission, which was conducted by Michael McHugh, the High Court Judge, was quite damning, and it included the following points.

The report stated that there are mass killings of greyhound as the report stated that during the last twelve years, the number of dogs killed in the industry varies between 48,000 and 68,000. These dogs were killed because either they were too slow and unable to pay their way, or because the dogs were unsuitable for the races.

Live baiting is a widespread practice, it is where they use live animals such as rabbits in order to bait the dogs to run faster during the training sessions. There is also a systemic deception when it comes to the number of injuries and deaths happening to dogs, that are revealed to the public. The NSW Greyhound Racing industry seems to be following a policy to deliberately misreport the extent and the number of injuries suffered by the greyhound dogs during the races. The report also stated that the industry does not seem capable of reforming itself, whether in the medium or the short term.

Baird stated that greyhound racing could be one of the important parts of the fabric of society as having a punt on the greyhounds while drinking some beers is certainly a fun thing for many people. When asked if the benefits of the dog racing industry would outweigh its shortcomings, Baird responded with a clear no, based on the report. The greyhound racing sport is legal in 8 countries only around the world, including Australia. NSW is going to be the first state to ban the sport in Australia. This ban is expected to have a great effect on the gambling industry all over the country.