How Much Hype Does Jarryd Hayne Have?

Despite the change of a Prime Minister, it seems that much of Australia is still very interested in Jarryd Hayne's career. Ted Robinson was ecstatic about having his play by play commentary played out on the Aussie radio station Triple M through the Classic Rock channel, but he may have been a little off on how many listeners he pictured he had.


“There were 14 million listeners in Australia last night,” Robinson stated while talking with Murph and Mac Show hosts Brian Murphy and Paulie Mac.“It gives you an idea again of the Haynes interest. We’ve been hearing these things, all of us have been getting missives from people and our friends in Australia, but when you hear that a network picks it up and there were 14 million listeners and I think it’s 24 million in the country, so that’s pretty good.”


This seems to be a bit high, especially when you consider that only six million viewers tuned in for Australia's most highly watched television broadcast of the Royal Wedding back in 2011. With radio being less popular than television and Haynes having less interest than the Royal Wedding, it's hard to believe that the radio event was able to more than double it.


Triple M was unable to share the actual figures of the broadcast, but most believe that it couldn't have been more than a couple hundred thousand listeners.


Even though the radio broadcast may not have had nearly as many viewers as Robinson has stated, Haynes has a lot of attention from Australian fans. Despite a rough start, Australia's eyes are still set on their star rugby player.