Jason Day Off His Back and Setting Records

If you saw Jason Day in the US Open at Chambers Bay you would never have believed that only two months later he would become the US PGA Champion. Day managed to survive the US Open by placing in ninth, which wasn't a good enough position for him to be considered a threat in the PGA Tour. A few months of training would lead him to his dream, winning the PGA Tour in Whistling Straits on Sunday.

Falling at the US Open

Jason Day ended up falling flat on his back in a random attack of dizziness that almost ruined his chances at a PGA championship and could have greatly affected his golfing career. Doctors were able to identify the cause behind his dizziness and by the time the US Open in St. Andrews came around in July he was refreshed and ready to go. He managed to share the lead as he went into the finals, but ended up missing the playoff by a single stroke by missing a putt that would have given him a birdie.

Getting Back Up

The first person to help him up after his fall was the Australian star's caddie Colin Swatton. To most, he may look like just a friend and caddie, but to Jason Day he means a lot more. It was Swatton's support that helped Day make it through the US Open and continue to improve after such a rough loss. The two months of improvement between the US Open and the PGA Tour show just how important Swatton is as a caddie, coach, and mentor. After putting in the putt that gave Day a three shot victory over the number one seeded player Jordan Speith, he gave a tearful embrace to Swatton to celebrate the victory. “All I could say on the 18th hole was that I loved him,” Swatton said. “We were a blubbering mess, and it was cool.”

Growing Up

Day and Swatton go way back. After the death of his father at the age of 12, Day was getting into a lot of fights and getting drunk to cope. He was definitely not headed in the right direction to become a champion, until Swatton stepped in. Swatton acted as a father figure and helped guide Day during his youth.

Jason Day started playing golf after finding the old three wood that his father had rescued from the dump. This club would bring Day in contact with Swatton, making it one of his most prized possessions. Swatton imposed a tight golfing regime that helped Day grow up as both a person and a golfer, later leading to a championship win at the PGA Tour.

After the Win

Cashing in a nice big check for $1.8 million is a nice bonus for winning the PGA Tour, but speculators are expecting big things from Day now. Between Day, Speith, and Mcllroy we are seeing an uprising of a new big three. The world of competitive golf is starting to heat up, and Jason Day is taking the lead.