Ladbrokes Australia Hires a New Head of Operations

Ladbrokes Australia is one of the biggest players in the Aussie gambling market, which is originally based in the UK. The company has hired a new head for its Aussie operations. This comes after the previous boss quit the company. The previous boss is Dean Shannon, who is going to leave the Australian branch of the company for personal reasons as stated. On the other hand, there are many reports that state that he is going to stay in the company in as an advisor.

The new head is going to be Paul Cherry. This move is a great upgrade for the COO who will become the CEO of the Aussie branch of the gambling giant. During the reign of Dean Shannon that lasted for 3 years, the Aussie branch has witnessed a great rise in the net revenue.

The company has also entered the world of NRL sponsorships with the signing of a big shirt deal in early 2016. On the other hand, the company had to deal with the ban that the Aussie government has issued on all in-play online betting apps and products.

A statement was released by Ladbrokes Australia, in which Dean Shannon has stated that he enjoyed his time in the gambling sector, and that he is quite proud with all the work done and the things that he achieved with Ladbrokes in the Australian gambling market. He also added that the company has a pretty experienced team to lead it, that is passionate about the business and focuses on results, and that he believes that the company still has much more to offer. He then said that his successor, Paul Cherry is a very talented executive, and that he is the natural choice and that he is pleased that he will get the chance to maintain the current momentum of Ladbrokes Australia. Dean Shannon is expected to keep working at the company until his notice ends, and that he will step down from office next year.

Ladbrokes and the Ban on In Play Sports Betting

Ladbrokes has introduced its own controversial Live Play product on its site last year. This allowed the Aussie players to place bets on running games online, through their phones or computers. The Aussie government has started to crack down on this kind of apps, and has issued a nationwide ban on in play betting products. Ladbrokes was one of the companies that agreed to comply by the new ban, and stopped offering its in play app in the Aussie market, as well as many other big players in the Aussie market.