Live In Play Betting in Australia to be Re-Examined by Police

The Grand Slam witnessed its final days a few days ago, but the controversy is pretty much alive as the tournament was marred by accusations and revelations of a widespread “alleged” match fixing. The critics of live in play wagering state that the corrupt players can greatly affects the outcome and the odds of live in play betting as they throw away certain points, or even entire matches.

The Australian Federal Police is also stated to be re examining in play bets to see if the live betting wagers violated the gaming law or not. This is because according to the current Internet Gambling Act (the IGA), players are only permitted to place in play wagers during the game over the phone. The overseas websites have managed to find a loophole that they are currently testing as they allow their players to place in play bets as they use the microphone on their computers. The AFP has already filed a case against one of the biggest overseas gambling operators, William Hill, and it seems that there is another complaint from the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) as well.

The Calls to prevent in play came from Stephan Healy, Tennis Australia’s boss, following the accusations and whispers that rocked the Australian Open tournament that stated that some players were throwing games in order to manipulate the odds and fix the matches. Ironically, William Hill was an on court sponsor during this year’s Grand Slam event, despite being one of the biggest players in the middle of the in-play betting controversy.

Following an investigation by BBC News, it was stated that more than fifty tennis professionals have been allegedly a part of match fixings scandals. Novak Djokovic has even stated that he was approached when he was younger in order to throw a match to fix the odds.

The ACMA might have a hard time to get their complaint heard as the AFP have dropped their investigation of overseas bookies, including William Hill this last year. In addition to that, a prominent voice in the Northern Territory is coming out in order to support live in play betting. This voice was none other than the gaming minister of the NT area, Peter Styles. He urged the Australian Federal government to approve in play betting in order to stop Aussie players from going to overseas operators. The explanation behind that statement might not be that simple, as many offshore gaming giants have Australian licenses through the NT government, this is why it is only natural for the government to be an advocate for in play betting so they can hold on to these licenses.

Mr. Styles also stated that the government should shift with the advanced and changing technology, and if the government does not do that, and keep up with the times, punters will go overseas and the Aussie government will lose plenty of money in taxes. Such taxes can be used to fund harm minimization and amelioration programs that would greatly benefit the Australian population.