Mercedes Teaming Up With Red Bull

Mercedes-Benz has recently expressed interest in supplying engines for the Red Bull Racing competition beginning in 2017 and onwards from that. It was something that had been talked about and wondered about but there was no clear indication if anything would actually be in the works, until today.

This partnership between Mercedes and Red Bull means a lot, in both good and bad. Mercedes is a trusted brand that has shown successful results with their products, as can be seen by their popularity. By Red Bull partnering up with Mercedes, this means that the cars being used would be much stronger and more durable. This would mean a better competition and race.

Mercedes would be competing against other car brands so it gives an opportunity to show off their products and their durability for a larger audience, allowing them to be more dominant in the field. What is a better message to send about your product than your product being the dominant force that is driving one of the most watched sports on television.

It brings more light and attention to their latest work. The partnership allows Mercedes to showcase their latest products in a creative, logistical way. If it is able to help and save a professional race car driver, it is perfect for the normal driver who worries about safety. Overall, the partnering of these two would be an overall benefit for the racing community.

However, if they got involved it would mean that they basically dominate the competition-but not necessarily in a good way. They would be the main competitor and be racing against themselves. This is not fun, watching them race themselves. Realistically, most other cars do not have realistic chance at winning because their engines and build are not at the same level. They are not as sophisticated or well-developed to be accustomed to the tracks like the Mercedes and Ferrari engines. The only other real competitors are engines derived from themselves (Mercedes) or Ferrari. The feud between the two is funny but can get boring after a while if it is the only real beef going on.

There are definitely pros and cons to Mercedes partnering up with Red Bull Racing in 2017 but these are just some of the pros and cons. The whole partnering is not final but Mercedes did express a strong interest in creating one so that they can build themselves as a company as well.