NBA Star Nick Young Uses Social Media To Try And Become A Boomer

Last week a fun exchange between Nick Young and Basketball Australia occurred, and while most saw it as fun satire Young seemed to have been serious about his offer to play for the team.

It all began with a Tweet that Young posted that said “Can I play for the Australia Olympic Team,” which Basketball Australia replied to saying “Hey @NickSwagyPYoung, only if you can bring the BOOM! #GoBoomers.” Young responded with “Lol just keep them snakes and spiders away from me and we can talk the BOOM!!!.” Basketball Australia had a bit of fun with it by posting a picture of a muscular kangaroo and saying “It's actually the Boomers you need to keep an eye out for, @NickSwagyPYoung ;).” The final reply came from Young saying “Yes and Iggy can rap the anthem……#cantwait.”

Most thought it was all in good fun, but Nick Young had apparently made a real inquiry about playing for the Boomers. Basketball Australia later confirmed this by stating that Young had submitted an official inquiry to play for the team.

“It was to let us know that he was interested,” a Basketball Australia spokesman explained to Fox Sports. “But our subsequent investigation with immigration discovered that you don't just get married and become a citizen, you become a permanent resident and you need to be a permanent resident for three years before you can apply for citizenship. It's not a possibility for real. I'm sure we'd be keen to consider him, but that's a long way in the future and that would be a matter for Andrej Lemanis as head coach to determine whether he thought he was a good fit for the team. He's a high calibre player so with his talent it would always be a possibility, but that's way into the future.”

While Young has plenty of experience in basketball as he's played for the Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, LA Clippers, and even the LA Lakers, being in his 30s already would play against his chances of being an eligible player for the team. If he were to move to Australia he would have to wait an additional three years, and by the time he could finally step onto the court as a Boomer youth would not be playing in his favor.

Australian basketball is currently on the rise as the NBA is featuring seven Australian players with a bunch of upcoming talent expected to make an impact. The Boomers are considered to be one of the next top competitors for the Olympic medal in the upcoming year, with a bright future expected for the team. Players such as Isaac Humphries and Ben Simmons are creating an abundance of excitement surrounding Australian college basketball.

Sadly, it is very unlikely that Young would ever play for the Boomers.