New Casino Regulations Open Door for Organized Crime in NSW?

Due to the recent changes in the casino regulations in NSW, which is referred to as dramatic to say the least, there is a mass exodus of governmental specialists and inspectors from casinos. According to the ABC, nineteen out of 20 government inspectors auditors and specialists that were based permanently at The Star casinos have taken a voluntary redundancy and are no longer in their positions. These resignations have come following legislative changes that were condemned by Ch, the Chris Sidoti, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority’s former chair.

Chris Sidoti Speaks Out

Chris Sidoti has spoken out for the very 1st time since he quit his post back in February. He has stated and warned everyone that the inevitable risk that would result from the influence of organized crime as the specialists inspectors were shifted towards a larger inspectors’ poor that would carry out random checks. In addition, he showed his concern about the lack of experience in casino inspectors following these regulations. The positions of these inspectors got generalized, which means that all of the same inspectors are going to carry out inspections of all poker machines, casinos and all licensed venues. So the same inspector that was watching you for minor drinking is now going to identify organized crime activity in the casino, which is a thing that he does not have the experience for. This could result in a major risk that all casinos would suffer from, which is the influence of organized crime. This means that the casinos could result being the unwitting targets of many criminal activities including money laundering, which is something that inspectors used to play an important role in spotting.

The experts in the industry stated that these changes could set a very dangerous precedent for the proposed high rollers’ casino of James Packer at Barangaroo, as it would leave the state open to the dangers of Money Laundering from the Asian organized crime.

Late in 2015, Troy Grant, the Justice Minister and Deputy Premier of the state has pushed a legislation that brought administrative control of casino regulation under the minister’s director. The legislation resulted in the creation of a brand new department in the government, which is the Liquor and Gaming NSW, which is now the industry regulator. As a part of the new regulations, the inspectors of the government as well as the auditors who were based in the Star around the clock will now be added to a larger team that would carry out random checks.