New Code of Conduct for Australian Gambling Firms Released

The Australian Gambling companies are now obliged to abide by a brand new code of conduct that focuses more on the advertising practices, as it aims to put them in shape. The AANA (Australian Association of National Advertisers) began looking into the way the Australian Gambling companies are promoting their services on TV, and that was back in December of 2016. The results of the mentioned research have been finally collated and the AANA has released the code for Wagering Advertising and Marketing Communication that would result in making the gambling companies more responsible towards the society.

The new advertising code for gambling companies is applicable on all sorts of sports betting, horse racing as well as greyhound racing. On the other hand, online casinos are not subjected to the rules of the released code. The interesting part is that the code is going to be self regulatory, this means that the pressure will be put on the gambling companies to adhere.

The terms and the prohibitions that are set out in the new code including glorifying betting and gambling, suggesting that gambling will make the players rich, and the targeting of  youngsters through the ad campaign like including superheroes and cartoon characters in the ads.

It was stated that innovation, respected and responsible marketing and advertising is at the very heart of what the Australian Association of National Advertisers stand for. The fact that the new code is based on a self regulatory system aims to make advertisers to be aware of their social responsibility towards the society, and their accountability towards how the community receives and communicates to their services and products. This was released in a statement by Simone Brandon, the policy and regulatory affairs’ director of the AANA.

Although the Australian Association of National Advertisers was hoping that the online sports wagering websites would adhere to the new code and its rules, it seems that the new code has been rubbished by Tabcorp. Tabcorp is one of the biggest companies in Australia, which has many TAB outlets all over Australia, Tabcorp is pushing for a more legal framework that has real teeth. Particularly, the company is mad that the offshore betting websites are still offering in play betting online, in a direct contradiction with the laws of the IGA. It was even stated by the federal government that online in play sports betting is illegal, but many companies overseas still offer such service. This is why Tabcorp believes that a self regulatory system for advertising is not going to force the companies to adhere and change their advertisement techniques.