Next Gen Releases HD Versions of its DC Pokies

Superheroes are as popular as they can ever be, with Superhero TV Shows, games and especially movies being a great hit at the Box Office. Whether you are a Marvel or a DC fan, you know that the comic superhero genre is at its best these days. Next Gen Gaming understands that, and while it always had games inspired by DC superheroes, it has decided to give them an upgrade by giving them an HD version. These new games come with advanced visuals, sounds, features and game play options that the old basic games didn’t have.

The first of these games is the most popular superhero of them all, the dark knight, the capped crusader, BATMAN. Batman HD comes in great visuals that really mimic their comic counterparts. Players will be taken to Gotham as they join the Dark Knight as he restores law and order to a chaotic Gotham. All of this chaos is the work of one crazy man, and this man is none other than the Joker, the lifetime nemesis of the Batman. The icons appearing on the reels of the game are inspired by the Comics and the adventures of Batman. They include the Batman, the Bat mobile, the bat wing, batman’s hooks and grapple guns, his bat knives, the Joker, the joker’s card, Commissioner Gordon and other symbols. They will come appearing across the 5 reels of the game and the 50 lines of the game. The pokie also comes packed with a wild icon, which is Batman, a scatter, a bonus icon and a free games feature.

The second game is The Green Lantern, which is another fan favorite that is a key member of the Justice League. This time, Next Gen Gaming takes players on a space adventure as they join the Green Lantern in his space  adventures as he protect his quadrant of the galaxy from the evil creatures and space entities.  As players open the game, they will see that the 5 reeled set is located in space with the color green dominating the reels of the game. All of the symbols are inspired by the DC comics and the adventure of the Green Lantern. This is why players will see The Green Lantern, the symbol of the lantern corps, the lantern’s ring, and more. All of these symbols will appear on the five reels of the pokie and its fifty wager lines.

If you think that this is the end of the HD DC Pokies, then you are wrong, because the Flash, the fastest man alive has his own HD version with the release of the Flash HD pokie. This time, the pokie takes players to Star City as the join the flash as he battles it out against 3 of his most dangerous villains, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and the Mirror Master.