Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis Drama

A lot of drama has been stirred up recently in the world of international tennis. It all began with a heated match between Nick Kyrgios and Stan Wawrinka, which has continued to spiral out of control as more people get involved in the situation. During the match, Kyrgios told Wawrinka that his roommate Thanasi Kokkinakis had been sleeping with his girlfriend.

Kokkinakis spoke out against the incident stating that he had made it clear that it wasn't okay to do that out on the court and it should have been a matter dealt with in privacy if there was an issue. Kyrgios went about it in the wrong way, and it's caused a big mess that Wawrinka is caught right in the middle of. Since the incident, Kokkinakis has cleared the air with Wawrinka and his girlfriend Donna Vekic and has been able to talk with Kyrgios.

The drama should have stopped there and gone into their own private affairs, but things got a little more intense when American tennis superstar Ryan Harrison got involved during his match against Kokkinakis. Harrison slammed Kokkinakis for the incident, and was later fined by the ATP for it. Kyrgios was also fined by the ATP for the original incident with the match against Wawrinka.

Trevor Kokkinakis, father of Thanasi Kokkinakis, shared that he felt Ryan's involvement was “bizarre” and uncalled for. They've tried to stay away from the incident with Kyrgios, but have continually been pulled back in. Thanasi never should have been included into the rivalry between Kyrgios and Wawrinka, but was dragged into the whole ordeal involuntarily.

Despite the mess, Kokkinakis has been doing pretty well by winning just about every match that's been thrown at him. His only loss for the year was in Montreal, which Kokkinakis shared that he was pretty upset about. The loss came just before the incident with Kyrgios, and since then Kokkinakis has continued to win and stay motivated. Kokkinakis has shared that other players have given him a lot of support and helped him stay focused on his gameplay and less on the drama surrounding him. This has been a big help for him, and it's showing on the court.

Kokkinakis has won 15 of his 16 qualifying matches, which has kept him neck to neck with Kyrgios meaning that they are each a single victory from being placed against each other in a matchup in Cincinnati. Before that can happen Kokkinakis needs to beat Italian player Fabio Fognini and Kyrgios has to take on Frenchman Richard Gasquet in a rematch after losing to Gasquet earlier in the tour. Seeing these players against each other after all this drama would be an entertaining match to say the least. Both are very skilled players with a lot of experience and potential.