NRL Bans Gambling on the Under 20 Competitions To Increase Integrity

NRL Australia has made a decision that it would ban all forms of gambling on any of its under 20 competitions. It also banned a set of exotic bets in the professional ranks. All of that was made in order to increase the sports’ integrity that has been tarnished by gambling. The bookmakers will also have to enter a type of agreement with the NRL in order to have the permission to offer betting markets on the matches. The Integrity Unit Chief of the NRL Australia, Nick Weeks, has stated that many several novelty options have been permanently cut out.

Nick Weeks – Chief of Integrity Units Speaks Out

The chief of the unit has stated that there are plenty of reasons that pushed them to believe that some of the banned novelty bets were not in the best interest of the sport. He added that these novelty bets are the most susceptible to being manipulated. This does not mean that the manipulation is happening, but it is more vulnerable to being manipulated than other betting markets. In addition, he stated that gambling is an activity that has been around for ages, and will continue being here, and what they are doing is investing a lot in order to make sure that the market can be regulated to guarantees the sports’ integrity.

In addition to these rules, the club personnel and the NRL players will not be able to place bets on the matches. These new laws imposed on the gambling markets were made before Tim Simona, the Wests tiger Player, stood down for allegedly placing bets on matches the previous season. The player has a few days before he has to respond on the notice from the NRL to cancel the registration. This is an ongoing process, and therefore, Mr. Weeks has refused to comment on the matter until it is resolved.

Chairman of the ARL Commission Keeps his Job

The Chairman of the Australian Rugby League Commission, John Grant, has managed to keep his job. This is following a vote that could have ousted him got delayed to December. He made a statement where he said that he is pleased by the meeting. He added that they have been working through the issue, and that the meeting went just as desired as they are on the brink of the upcoming season. In addition, he stated that what happened before at the commission was not in anyone’s interest, and it is never a good thing to air the dirty laundry. Therefore, he is hoping to avoid this happening again in the future.