Off Scratch


Game Summary

Golf is a very popular sport that has a lot of fans from around the world, this is why 1×2 Gaming has decided to create a scratch card game that is themed around that sport. Although all scratch cards are basically the same, but the different theme of each game is what sets one game from another. Like the sport of golf, the game is relaxing and simple, as players will scratch and win, which is the purest meaning of a scratch card. So players will not expect to find complicated features or game play options.

The game’s layout is also pretty standard, as players will find the payouts table of the game on the right side of the game’ screen. This payouts table includes all of the symbols that are going to appear on the card, and their respective payouts. Of course, players will have to get 3 matching symbols in any position across the card so they can claim such payouts.

On the left side, players will see the nine squares that form the scratch card. Under all of that, there are multiple buttons that allow players to control the game play such as the Buy Card, the Reveal All and the Stake buttons.

Since the game is themed around the sport of golf, it is only fitting that the symbols on the scratch card to be inspired by that sport. They include a golf flag, a golf player, a golf ball, golf shoes, golf cart, and a golf bag.

Gaming Procedure

Playing the game is pretty simple and smooth. All that needs to be done is placing a bet and then players will scratch the card and claim the payouts. The placement of the bets can be done with ease at the control panel through the Stake cell. Players will click on the 2 arrows to go through the available stakes that vary between 0.05 and 50. After that, players will buy a card and will start scratching. Players who do not want to scratch the entire card each time, which is kind of boring, can click on the Reveal all.


The payouts vary depending on the placed wager, as the higher the wager, the higher the rewards. It also depends on the golf symbol that was matched on the scratch card. These payouts vary greatly between x2 and x100 the placed wager. The x2 payout is paid for players who match 3 of the lowest paying icon, the golf shoes, while the x100 is given to players by the highest paying symbol, the golf flag.