Overcoming Injuries for the Finals

In the Rugby World Cup, it looks like David Pocock is getting prepared to contest with Mr. Richie McCaw throughout the penultimate games. David Pocock is a Talismanic Wallabies back rower, and in the final there is sure to be an unforgettable match between Richie McCaw and David.

Previously David Pocock suffered a calf injury that many feared would prevent him from a solid performance in the Rugby World Cup Final, but Pocock isn't the type of guy to let a little thing like a calf injury keep him from bringing his all to the game! He has been described as an openside flanker of extreme brilliance. Many look at Pocock as an absolutely essential component if the Wallabies have any hopes of a win on Sunday morning at the trans-Tasman decider. But there are quite a few who would contend David Pocock is one of the best ball-thieves in the world–at the breakdown, at least.

Knowing this breakdown ball-thievery to be an integral part of team strategy, Pocock has worked hourly to ensure his calf injury will not impede his ability to play. Medical staff of the highest grade have been consistently monitoring his progress, and were ready to take the field during Monday's victory over Argentina in the semi-final round (score: 29-15). Thankfully, Pocock has stated he completed the game and has yet to either sustain further injury, or too terribly complicate his existing problems. Furthermore, during that game he did play the full eighty minutes.

Pocock was instrumental in the effecting of several turnovers–four in total–increasing his personal number of successful turnovers to fourteen throughout the tournament. This is certainly of extreme note. In the Rugby World Cup, it is hands down the best turnover score. So with that under his belt, David has accrued little in the way of doubt as to his abilities in the coming match. Some have said the coming test will be the biggest of David's career. McCaw has that kind of skill, and no injury to slow him down.

But Pocock has no fear, and why would he? Playing against the best is, he says, something a player always wants to do. It makes sense; once one has ascended the skill-hill, why not find somebody else to give them a good game? At a certain point skills become so masterful that it's nearly impossible to enjoy oneself in the game. Pocock understands this intrinsically, and so regardless of injury strives to compete with the best of the best.

It took exceptional work with the team's physician via physiotherapy in order for Pocock to be confirmed as a starter. Also, that injury was sustained only two weeks ago; so his recovery is an exceptional thing. The man has willpower, and when you get right down to it, that's one of the most essential things a winning athlete can have.

However the match goes, one thing is sure: Pocock has established himself as a Rugby Legend, and he'll have thousands on his side.