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The issues of internet safety and security when banking online are a modern reality and necessity to many people. It is extremely important to have an online payments company that is reliable and trustworthy to handle these financial transactions. POLi is the service to rely on when it comes to dealing with a trusted and reliable company that offers this type of service.

POLi is a company from Melbourne that specializes in providing an online payment system for consumers and merchants to use. This service acts as a third party that holds all of the financial information of the customer and completes the transaction without the need of the merchant gaining access to the customer's personal data. This service is beneficial to the consumer as well as the business. Visitors to this site are able to buy as well as sell their merchandise.

The customer is able to place orders and pay for them immediately through the manufacturer's website. Merchants of the sales receive their sales notifications sooner allowing them to begin production immediately. This third party service is available to the consumer and the merchants at no cost and they do not have to register to take advantage of this exclusive financial service.

POLi and these types of payments are commonly used in the areas of New Zealand. The merchants associated with this type of financial transaction include Air New Zealand, Sportsbet, Jetstar, and Sportingbet. Velocity prepaid debit cards are also active with this financial service. POLi continues to be the leading financial platform for many gaming sites in many areas of the UK.

There have been changes made in the structure of the system to accommodate with safety and security concerns. This keeps the company on the forefront of the battle against identity theft and hacking. In the POLi system there are different versions of the system that have been eliminated or revamped for better performance. The first version that was cut dealt with the ActiveX control. This type of security risk has been eliminated and the system has since operated on the .NET platform.

The .NET platform also offered it's own challenges to the security of this company. This solution to the security problem is still in operation with many banking institutions in New Zealand. When creating this platform, the company focused a large amount of energy on the security of the system verses the user experience. This application requires the use of a plug in for Google Chrome and Firefox. This successful but cumbersome platform was replaced with the third version of POLi.

This third version of the .NET platform is exclusively in-browser. The users who utilize mobile devices or who operate on Macs were not able to access this system in the past. POLi has addressed the past issues with security concerns while expanding their availability to their customers.

The current version of this financial service is created with a URL that is supplied by the merchant. The URL can be utilized through a number of means such as text messaging, email, or electronic PDF. This simple but effective means of banking is attractive to gamers and merchants alike.

When it comes to safety and security on the internet, it is essential that the transactions be completed with the highest standards of security in place. POLi is constantly monitoring and adjusting their security practices to keep their customer's banking information safe and secure when making transactions online. With their focus on their customer's security, this company is a trusted service for financial transactions online in the UK and other available areas.