Possible iGambling Laws to Affect Poker Brands in Australia

Earlier in 2016, the Aussie Human Services' Minister, Alan Tudge, made an important announcement. He stated that he would be introducing an amendment to the IGA (iGambling) of 2001 that regulates online gambling in Australia. This amendment is aimed at removing the loopholes that allow the operators with Aussie licenses to offer in-play betting for sports. Alan Tudge also filed a legislation that would fine those who offer internet gambling service to Australian residents without a local license. If this legislation passes, it would change the landscape of the industry.

Internet iGambling Amendment Bill 2016

This proposed amendment is the Internet Gambling Amendment Bill 2016. This is one of the sides through which the government is intending to change the internet gambling Aussie market. These changes include the prohibition of in play apps. It would also create a framework for National Consumer Protection. Lastly, it would also crack down on internet gambling operators who have international licenses and offer their services to Aussie players.

This is why the new amendment bill is going to make it clear that wagering operators who take bets from Australia individuals will have to obtain a license in Australia. The operators who do not abide by this will be in violation of the law.

The New Impending Penalties

The Aussie Authority for Communications and Media will have the authorization by Alan Tudge in order to be able to impose penalties on those who violate this law. They will be able to do that without having to call the Federal Police. These fines could be as high as 1.35 Million AUD a day for individuals, and up to 6.75m AUD for the companies who are found to be in violation of the law.

In addition to these fines, there are disruption measures that are going to be put in place. These measures aim to further stress the point that Australia no longer accepts unlicensed operators in their country. These measures are going to include the placement of principal officials and directors of the offending operators on the Movement Alert List. Therefore, whenever these individuals enter the country, they are going to be under arrest.

Additional Measures by Alan Tudge

Alan Tudge is going to meet with different state ministers on November the 25th. This meeting is going to discuss the Framework for National Consumer Protection. The details of this newly introduced framework (NCPF), might include a ban on the gamblers credit that they pay to the operators. It can also include a self- exclusion list for the country and a pre-commitment voluntary scheme. These new rules in the amendment, if it passes, are going to force many gambling operators to make tough decisions in the Aussie market. This includes online poker sites such as PartyPoker and PokerStars that operate without a local license in Australia.