Queensland State Government Remains Silent Towards New Casino at the Gold Coast

There has been a lot of reports that state that the ASF Consortium  is currently planning a new casino that contains a 3-tower development on crown land, at the Gold Coast. This development is said to include 3 high end restaurants, with residential as well as office spaces that will span across the 5 hectare development site. Before this development, the company had serious plans regarding an international cruise ship terminal and a casino, in the same area. These plans were refused by the current government of Queensland following their victory in the elections.

Both, the offices of Anthony Lynham, the state minister of development, and  Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, are refusing to confirm any details regarding any of the details of this new proposal. Although a spokeswoman for the ministry has stated that a process deed was signed almost a year ago, and the preliminary proposal was getting assessed. The government is currently assessing this proposal, and an important part of this assessment is to identify the upcoming steps for this project.  The mayor of Gold Coast City, Tom Tate, who has been working with the company and the government, commented on the issue. He congratulated the government of Annastacia Palaszczuk for pushing the project ahead, as he sees that this project will create many jobs, over 10,000, plus many other jobs that are going to be created for the upcoming generation.

One of the biggest names in the casino industry in Australia, Crown Resorts that is owned by James Packer is reported to be a potential operator for this casino. On the other hand, Crown Resorts and ASF did not comment on the issue.

On the other side, the opposition is requesting more details to be officially released regarding the project so they can fully assess it. Scott Emerson, the shadow treasures, has stated that whatever comes up, they will certainly look at it and put it into consideration, as this is the reasonable and sensible action. He also added that currently, the project has no consultation and no details, and they can’t assess it or make a call without the appropriate information.

Judy Spence, the vice-president of “Save Our Broadwater” is clearly against the foundation of the casino on public property. She also added that everyone knows that the government has been discussing the project with the ASF for more than 18 months, yet, they have not released anything regarding these discussions. Responding to this, Shannon Fentiman the Communities Minister stated that heavy consultation is going to be implemented during the process of the planning, with both, the local and the state governments.