Retrospective Testing Might be in Order on Pokies in Tasmania

There is a new proposal by the Tasmanian government that might be cleared soon. If this new proposal goes ahead, this would mean that the poker machines in the Aussie state of Tasmania might be subjected to a kind of retrospective testing. According to the existing rules, the clubs and the pubs in Tasmania have to go through a test for public interest whenever they apply for new poker machines to be added to their premises.

On the other hand, the latest government proposal is going to force a test on the current operators who have installed such machines on their premises before the rules regarding the test were active. This means that a great set of hotels, pubs and casinos would pare back their poker machines. Any operators who applied for machines from March of 2016 will be liable according to the new proposed government rules.

The Aussie state of Tasmania has a maximum cap of 3,500 machines to be offered across the entire state. So far, there are almost 3,400 machines that are offered to the residents, with 2,300 in clubs and pubs, and 1,185 being offered at the state casinos. On the other hand, the concretion of these machines in certain towns was heavily criticized by many.

Last March, the Hobart government stated that it is going to start public consolations in order to reduce the amount of pokie machines in the state of Tasmania. On the other hand, the Federal Group, which is the gaming monopoly of the state, is trying so hard to push on with revamping its casinos in Launceston and Hobart before any risk of pokie reduction becomes a reality. The monopoly of Federal Group on gambling in the state of Tasmania will remain until 2023.

Anglicare is the main player that campaigns against the increase of pokies, on the behalf of problem gamblers.  The charity has released an anti pokies app last Match which enables the residents of Tasmania to pinpoint which locations has the worst losses. According to the results of that app, the residents at Glenorchy, which is located right outside Hobart reported total losses of more than 20 million dollars per year on the 270 pokies that are existent in that area. According to the findings of the charity’s app, the losses were the biggest in areas that suffer from serious economic deprivation.

Margie Law also stated, last March, that the problem with Glenorchy, is that the residents can’t go from Glenorchy, to anywhere else without passing by a pub that offers pokies. This is one of the main reasons that this area has the biggest amount of losses in the state, as per the app’s results.