Senator Nick Xenophon To Adopt Gambling Reform

Senator Nick Xenophon is going to team up with like minded Andrew Wilkie, the Independent Tasmanian MP, as they are going to use their crossbench positions in the new Aussie parliament in order to put the forgotten gambling reform right back up on the federal agenda, which was expected, due to the senators anti gambling opinions. They have stated that the sports betting ads that are played during the G rated TV shows and broadcasts should be banned, and they also believe that bets on the poker machines should have a maximum of $1. They are aiming to revive a committee in the parliament that would push for gambling reform, which is to reform gambling laws when it comes to poker machines as well as internet gambling.

They are going to plan an entire series of different measures, this includes measures in the parliament and outside of the parliament in order to deal with the gambling reform issue, and to deal with one of the biggest issues relate to gambling in Australia, which is sports wagering advertisements. It was stated that many parents have approached the senators in order to show that they are appalled that their kids, due to great exposure to the sports wagering ads, are talking about the odds on the game’s result, and they are only 7 to 10 years old.

Malcom Turbnall has once supported gambling reform in Australia, and this includes applying the $1 max bet on machines, but the prime minister has told Andrew Wilkie that gambling reform is really a matter for the territories and the states.

The Anti gambling campaigner, Costello, stated that the Alliance that is created for Gambling Reform is going to call on the Malcom Turbnall government to an all sorts of sports betting ads, as well as enforce the $1 bet as well as applying a maximum of $120 losses for the poker machines. It was also said that the alliance is going to work on a case, with Maurice Blackburn the law firm, regarding product liability of the predatory machines that are addictive. Tim Costello was appealing to the “Old” Malcolm, stating that Aussies wanted him back because he was supporting gambling reform. He said that the “Old” Malcolm was quite clear when it came to the $1 bet, he congratulated him for forming the government and is calling to him to take a stance against the lobby of pokies, and to know that the alliance is now here and can support him.

There were similar attempts regarding gambling reform back in 2010 at the parliament, but these attempts were shut down by Gillard government. Of course, there was a response from the gambling industry and the club sectors who are opposing all of these recommendations and the implementation of mandatory pre committed technology to their pokie machines. This is why the gambling pokie lobby and Clubs NSW has launched quite a strong opposition campaign.