Senator Xenophon Talks About Stephen Conroy’s New Appointment

Stephen Conroy, the previous factional powerbroker and the previous Labor Minister has gotten a new job as Responsible Wagering Australia's head of lobbyists. This new job has landed him a lot of criticism by one of the most famous anti pokie senators. The senator is none other than Nick Xenophon. Stephen Conroy was appointed as the executive director of the new body, which is backed by Unibet, Bet365, CrownBet, Beffair and Sportsbet. This came after his resignation from Federal politics, which happened all of a sudden this September.

The new job for Stephen Conroy was made public in the same week that Barry O'Farrell, the former NSW Premier was named Racing Australia's head. Barry O'Farrell replaced Peter McGauran, the former Nationals MP. In addition, Richard Colbeck, the former senator from the Liberal party is going to chair the new gambling lobbyist group.

Senator Xenophon Comments about the Situation

Senator Xenophon has stated to the Guardian Australia newspaper that he plans to pursue changes. These changes are aiming to stop former ministers from becoming lobbyists for the industry right after they leave politics behind. He also added that it makes sense that they would be required to disclose their remuneration.

He added that he is not as fan of the new US president, Donald Trump. On the other hand, he likes that he is looking at a 5-year ban on ministers. This would prevent people in the executive to become lobbyists right after they leave politics. As according to the proposed law, they will have to wait 5 years. He added that he is looking forward to making some changes that would make the ban period much greater.

Senator Xenophon Talks about the Salary of the Lobbyists

He commented on the salaries of the lobbyists. He stated that former MP’s, whether they were ministers or not, should disclose how much they are getting paid. The Senator added that it is not unreasonable that everyone needs to know that. This would certainly add to the level of transparency that is required.
Senator Xenophon talked about the contributions of the gambling industry towards solving problem gambling. He stated that the name Responsible Wagering Council is an oxymoron. This is because of the great developments in the gambling industry, as the sector is becoming more and more aggressive. With the changes in the gambling industry, there is also a massive increase in problem gambling. In addition, it blames the players if they turn into problem gamblers, given the fact that they are dealing with a dangerous product to begin with.

Additional News from The Australian Gambling Scene

In related news, John Coates, the chief of Australia Olympic is calling for the Aussie government to set up a 50 million AU$ lottery. This aims to boost the funding for the arts and the sport. He stated that he supports the movement 100 percent.