SkyCity Does not Mind Selling Darwin Casino to its Aussie Rival

SkytCity Entertainment Group is an Australian and a New Zeeland casino operator. Recently, there have been a lot of talks that the company is refusing to consider the idea of being taken over by its Rival, Star Entertainment Group. Responding to these reports, the casino operator has stated that the company is not going to instigate talks, but added that it would likely consider the concept of a takeover by its rival in the Australian market, Star Entertainment, only if such offer is lead by its rival Star Entertainment.

Many reports has stated that SkitCity is currently looking forward to selling one of its casinos, Darwin Casino, reports also stated that the Aussie operator is not against the idea of its casino being taken over by its Aussie Rival, Star Entertainment. The Star operates many namesake casinos in Queensland as well as Sydney. On the other, there were reports that indicates that the Darwin Casino sale was denied by the SkyCity Group, this news echoed and the Chairman of SkyCity, Brian Moller, had to respond by saying that the investors were told that if the Star Group come with a proposal, then the shareholders’ best interest will be considered and so will the offer. On the other hand, Moller stated that it is all reports and rumors, as no official meetings or talks have been arranged or held with the Star.

Brian Moller also talked about the main priority for Auckland Based SkyCity Group, which is replacing Nigel Morrison, who made an announcement last week that he would be leaving his office as the CEO of the company. He also noted that there is another pressing matter, which is the development of the new planned projects of the company which includes the expansion of the existing Adelaide Casino, which has a budget of 300 million dollars. He added that they have a CEO stepping down that they have to replace, and they have to create the new team, and that there are many significant programs on a global scale that are currently underway that are considered a priority for the company.

Speaking of the 300 million dollar expansion of the Adelaide Casino, the Adelaide is a riverfront casino that is located in South Australia. The renovations and expansion include a premium gaming space for VIP players from around the globe. The expansion also includes spa facilities of the highest quality, as well as an eighty room luxury hotel that is going to overlook the beautiful Torrens River. All of this is a part of the major renovations to the casino that intend to boost the appeal of the state’s international tourism. The company has, more than once, emphasized the desire that it have to expand its share of the high roller type international tourists, especially from the South East Asia and China.