Speculation of the TAB Sale Causes Concerns

The sports gamblers in Australia are being urged to place bets on the horse races, instead of the other wide range of sports available to them. They were urged by Mr. Colin Holt, the minister of Racing and Gaming of Western Australia, in hopes to give the country’s racing clubs a considerable boost support amid the concerns of the looming sale of the country’s TAB. The betting agency is the last government owned agency in the country, and speculations indicate that it would be put for sale by the upcoming month, as there are plenty of speculation that there are several corporations that are interested in such a purchase.

Such sale has prompted a lot of concerns for the Australian racing clubs that fear that the billion dollar sale, which is the estimated value of the TAB, to the private sector would result in the industry losing access to one of its most reliable streams of revenue. If it goes to the private sector, then all of the money will be directed to the corporate sector and the racing clubs of the country are going to be the first ones to suffer. Mr. Holt has spoke to ABC Goldfields ahead of the Esperance Cup meeting and urged players to get back into racetrack wagering to give the clubs a much needed boost.  He added that sport betting does not contribute to the racing industry as much as wagering on horse races. He also stated that they would like to promote the idea that if a punter is going to place a wager, let it be a wager on horses on the track, this would give the local tote and the bookies a lot of support.

Mr. Holt also pointed out that one of the biggest challenges that face the clubs is online and mobile wagering. This is why he sees that the racing clubs need better promotional support and marketing and added that the clubs are not that good at making events as they have not done that for numerous years. He added that good marketing and advertisement would certainly get more people to go to the track and place bets to support the clubs.

The TAB betting agency is one of the assets of the WA government that are subject to pre budget speculations, as the Government of Barnett tries to repair the current shaky position of the state’s budget. Mr. Hold has stated clearly that he is not going to back any sale process that is not going to benefit WA racing.

Race meetings represent a great chance for the entire community to enjoy a celebration, and smaller town are contributing greatly to make sure that the events become successful. The clubs do a lot of sponsorship drives, which would get the stakes money to reach a level that will eventually attract trainers, owners and horses to benefit the racing clubs.