Sportsbet’s New TV Ad Advocates Taking a Break from Gambling

Sportsbet's New TV Ad Advocates Taking a Break from Gambling

A day after the Australian Association of National Advertising (AANA) introduced a public discussion paper for the association's proposed codes for self-regulation among sport betting operators, Sportbet demonstrated how they intend to self-regulate by rolling-out for the first time, a responsible gambling-cum marketing campaign.

Entitled as “Take a Break,” the responsible gambling ads will run for a month across different media platforms including mobile and social network, as means to achieve Sportsbet's goal of raising punters' awareness about the tell tale signs of potential problem gambling behavior. Directed at adult male punters ranging from ages 18 to 54, two “Take a Break” TV advertisements depict examples of such symptoms. One ad shows a punter shaking his leg agitatedly, while the other ad demonstrates an example of a gambler manifesting odd behavior.

The month long responsible gambling advocacy launched by Paddy Power's Australian subsidiary, includes the release of a “Take a Break” mobile app. Designed as a tool that gamblers could use for controlling their gambling habits, the Sportsbet “Take a Break” app enables players to take a break within a 24-hour period. The app allows punters to set for how long they will block their access to the sportbetting website as a way of cooling off.

Barni Evans the Marketing Director at Sportbet, claims that their customers use and appreciate the Responsible Gambling d tools they provide, as they have seen thousands of players set a maximum amount to the funds they deposit in their respective account within a fixed period.

That being the case, Mr. Evans commented that “Take a Break” is a fresh innovative product, which they expect will become as popular as the existing responsible gambling tools they furnish. He added that the uptake about the “Take a Break” prior to the launching of the campaign has been encouraging, which makes them confident that their advertisements will deliver the desired impact. It will instill Sportsbet's message that betting activities should be conducted sensibly and purely for fun.

The “Take a Break” TV ads are aired during Nine Network's Summer of Cricket telecast, during Channels Seven, Nine and Ten's evening news, as well as during The Big Bang Theory, The Block, The Project and Top Gear TV shows. The Take a Break responsible gambling adverts though will not run throughout the peak betting periods usually during football finals and spring horseracing events.
Still, gambling ads critics call attention to the fact that this is the first time that Sportsbet has come out with a campaign urging punters to stop gambling even for a while. They took note that Sportsbet's responsible gambling campaign launched at a time when the New South Wales government, took a firm stance against sport betting ads by promulgating a prohibition against TV advertisements for live betting odds.

Accordingly, other Australian states and territories intend to follow suit in light of the public's growing concern over the use of aggressive and excessive advertising campaigns, as a result of the stiff competition among sport betting operators.