Star Entertainment Ltd. Development Plans for The Star Sydney

In Australia, the award winning Architectural office Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp seems to be having tough rivalry from competitors like BVN and Grimshaw. This competition is regarding the new proposed architectural design of the new 6-star hotel tower. This new hotel tower is going to be added to the Star Sydney, after it is checked and approved by the 5-member panel. This hotel tower is one of the parts of the current redevelopment of the premises that is located in the NSW area. It is operated by none other than The Star Entertainment Group Ltd. This new tower, which is going to be worth $375 million is going to host 220 hotel rooms. This hotel is going to have the Ritz-Carlton for its management, and will also feature up to one-hundred and fifty residences.

The Star Developments in Australia

The Star Entertainment, which is the company behind the Jupiter's Hotel and the Treasury Casino Hotel, has made this reveal in September. It has announced developments for the inner suburbs of Sydney, in Pyrmont. These developments are going see the light in 2020, and it is going to come packed with a strip of high-end restaurants.

The Star Entertainment company has involved the local community early on, during the initial design. It has done that before it starts to seek the approval and prior to starting the construction. This might be as a result of the criticism that its rival, Crown Resorts Ltd., faced when it released its proposals for the $750 Million development that was going to happen in the Barangaroo suburb.

The Process of the Re Development

As an integral part of the development process , the Brisbane firm is going to set up a panel that has a clear task. This task is reviewing the proposals that are presented by the 3 architects. This panel consists of the Star Sydney Managing Director, Greg Hawkins. It also includes Peter Poulet, the architect of the NSW government. The panel also included Craig Allchin and Lisa-Maree Carrigan as well as the Asia Pacific Regional VP for the Ritz Carlton, James Doolan.

The Proposal of Francis-Jones Morehen

The proposal that was presented by Francis-Jones Morehen was an elegant design with an international standard. It also had a distinctive, a visually interesting and a refined look. The design sympathetically responds to many considerations, including the environmental ones. This is why, the building is going to maximize solar access for the buildings that surround it. It is also going to incorporate a façade with certain materials that are fitting to the location of the building at the waterfront. This new development is going to bring the Ritz Carlton company back Sydney. It is going to increase the room inventory of The Star Sydney to 1000+, and will also add 20 more beverage and food venues.