State of Origin – Australian Rugby Is Upon Us

If you are a Rugby Fan who enjoys the sport, then you know what is coming. It is that amazing sportive time of the year where a state turns against state, mate faces mate, it is the origin of the great sporting events and occasions that surely draws millions of eyes upon the Australian fields. The current holders of the Shield, Queensland, are going to look forward to remaining on top during their confrontations with NSW (New south Whales) so they can begin their journey to retain the title in their locker. On the other hand, the Blues would try their best in order to become the force and establish their position once again as one of the forces to be reckoned.

The home side is certainly a great advantage for the men in Blue, as it gives them the edge during the first game during the State of Origin 2016’s kick off on the 1st of June. Worryingly for NSW, is that the current defensive frailties are afflicting some of the top names in the NRL this season so far. James Maloney, who is the Roaches five-eight has missed an incredible number of tackles, 40, according to numbers from Fox Sports. Alarmingly for blues, these statistics are not going to help them in winning the Origin Shield back. The last confrontation between the two teams resulted in a record breaking victory of 46 points, this was during the 3rd game in the series of 2015.

Countering that negative number is Johnathan Thurston, the Queenslander who is suffering from a hip injury back during the North Queensland Cowboys win over the Broncos. A hit in late game from Josh McGuire has resulted in putting Johnathan Thurston in a lot of pain during the closing stages. Although Johnathan Thurston has stated more than once that he will be ready for the Origin 1 match, but there are many concerns regarding his ability to play the match after such injury. This is because due to the ferocious nature of the sport, any injury, no matter how small it can be, it can be quite effective on the player and his team.

Game 1 and Game 3 are going take place at the ANZ Sydney stadium, which means that this could result in a minor shift that would lean in the favor of the NSW if their fans at their home state can roar high enough to give them the support and strength needed to grab victory. On the other hand, the level of professionalism and quality of players in Queensland should not be affected by all of that.