Sydney’s Star Casino Complains about the Lockout Laws

The company that is the owner of Sydney's Star casinos believes that it does not make any sense for the controversial lockout law to be extended to cover the avenue, given the fact that the casino is a major and a well known tourist attraction that has many of visitors. This was stated by the chief executive of Star Entertainment Group, Matt Bekier, and he emphasized that it makes no sense what so ever. He also added that according to the numbers and the statistics, the casino has more than eleven million visitors, and despite that huge number, the casino is amongst some of the safest gambling venues across the globe. In addition, he said that the casino is an international tourism attraction and that it needs to be recognized and treated as one.

The lock out laws that the chief executive is talking about is the controversial laws that state 1.30 am lockouts with last drinks set at 3.00 am. These laws have been under attack as many claim that these tough laws are going to kill the inner city night life of Sydney, Australia's capital.

Bekier focused more on the impact of the lockout laws on the affected venues, but he would not comment on whether these laws were good for the city of Sydney or not. Matt Bekier also insisted that The Star Casino did not benefit at all from these laws. The financial results of the casino shows a significant uptake in the gaming results, which was pointed out to by Mr. Bekier.

The casino makes less than three percent of their revenues from the alcohol sales, which clearly shows that these new lockout laws are not really benefiting the casino. He also added that that as a result of these laws, the casino had to put extra security to make sure that the establishment is kept tight and safe for its visitors. This includes 100s of security guards as well as more than 2500 digital surveillance cameras.

In other news, regarding another casino that belongs to Star Entertainment, Jupiters Casino in the Gold Coast, the casino is going to receive yet another investment boost, as was reported by the company.

The Gold Coast resort/casino is already in line for 345 million dollars for redevelopment, but it has also been reported that there is a new hotel tower that is going to be added to the complex as a part of its refurbishment process. This hotel is going to feature 700 rooms as well as apartments. It was initially estimated that the refurbishment process is going to cost 500 million dollars, but the company is suggesting that the investment could possibly reach 850 million dollars. In addition to all of that, a sports arena as well as new food outlets are being constructed. All of this shows the importance of this casino to the Star Entertainment Group and that it plays a big part in their future plans.