TAB and Unikrn Joining to Establish “Gaming Gaming”

Well what do we call it? Gaming Gambling, Punting Playing, or Gaming Gaming? While once inconceivable, technological advancements enabling gamblers to place live bets on video gaming has become inevitable.

Tabcorp has joined with Unikrn to establish a gaming community for online video games being billed “the world’s premier online arena where people can gather, game and safely bet on organised, sanctioned multiplayer video game competitions from around the world.”

The online community has grown to more than 10 million people worldwide in a very short time. With the amount of practice and skill that some of these players bring to the table, it may not be a “sport” but there is certainly a great deal of dedication to successes amongst the players.

Much like the major sports, video games have become a part of growing up around the world, and the emerging market for professional gaming is gaining traction daily. As it often happens, the combination of expert skill in any arena will eventually lend itself to speculators and gamblers. Tabcorp and Unikrn plan on capitalizing on this new gaming platform and enhancing the security and functionality associated with it.

Bettors will be gambling on “virtual” teams controlled by actual human beings and along with that comes concern for security. Rahul Sood said: “eSports is one of the largest sports globally, attracting viewer numbers that are on par with traditional sports such as American football and basketball.”

With numbers like those, there is certainly a lot of money to be made. The latest partnership looks to capitalize on this opportunity and establish a safe, secure, and legal community for adults to place wagers on eSports.

It is an exciting proposition for the companies involved and gamers alike. As if the world of technology weren’t exciting enough, each innovation, trick, and cheat code is going to potentially be an advantage to make real-world money while having a great time competing in the comfort of your own home.