Tabcorp and Tatts Group- In Play Betting Fight Continues

It seems that the battle over the legality of in play sports betting in the Australian scene is going to be a never ending process until the government ceases fire by releasing its IGA review. The latest news is that Operators Tatts Group and Tabcorp have laid out their cards as the battle over this matter continues. These two operators have recently revealed that they pay a lot of money, and they revealed exactly how much, to the Australian government as well as the sporting bodies in addition to the licensing fees. Reports state that Tabcorp, which is one of the biggest operators in Australia has paid almost 350 million dollars to the racing industry in the state of Victoria, and 263 million dollars to NSW racing as well as 219 million dollars in wagering taxes. Lastly, it has paid 91.7 million dollars for the race field fees. All of these numbers are for the 2014-15 period.

On the other hand, Tatts group has revealed that the company has shelled out a total of 26 million in tax money, in addition to 203 million dollars for product fees. This amount was paid mostly to racing in South Australia and Queensland and these numbers are for the same period of 2014-15.

These two operators have stated that legalizing and regulating online in play betting in Australia is only going to skew the already unbalanced and uneven playing fields, when it comes to taxation and other arrangements. They also stated that their rivals only have to pay 575,000 dollars as an annual license fee to the NT area, and even smaller amounts of money to the racing bodies.

Other bookmakers that belong to big corporate like Sportsbet, Bet365, Ladbroke and Sportsbet are subjected to a lower tax rates. On the other hand, the AWC (Australia Wagering Commission), which is basically the lobby for William Hill and other big corporate bookies, has stated that the bookmakers that are complaining are paying higher taxes as a result of wanting to preserve the exclusive rights when it comes to running retail wagering shops.

Tatts group, Tabcorp as well as other TAB outlet type operators are on the front lines fighting against the push by other corporate bookmakers to legalize in play sports wagering in Australia. According the current laws, as per the IGA 2001, in play betting can only be done in person at the wagering shops or over the phone. This is why corporate bookmakers are going around the rules by allowing players to place in play bets over mobile apps. The first bookmaker to adopt this method was William Hill that rolled out its smartphone app for all sports bettors in Australia. Recently, another bookmaker, Sportsbet has released a product that involved the making of a phone call through a public switched phone network, which it has claimed to make the app compliant to the current laws of the IGA 2001 when it comes to in play betting.