Tatts Group Boss Launches an Attack on Offshore Gambling Operators

Once again, the boss of Tatts Group, Roobie Cooke, has launched a higher pitch attack on the offshore gambling operators who offer their services to the Australian market, he did that through a letter to the Aussie government. This is not the first time he has done so, but this time, he has upped the ante in his war against the offshore located bookies and operators.

The CEO of Tatts, which is the company that runs the TAB betting outlets in South Australia and Queensland, has stated that the offshore operators and bookies are clearly flaunting the gaming laws of Australia by offering their services to Aussies. His letter to the Australian government stated that as the CEO of the largest non casino gaming group in Australia, and he is cornered that the Aussie government is getting duped into changing the regulatory landscape of Australia.

Following the IGA Review, the AWC (Australian Wagering Council) has come under criticism by many industry leaders in the Australian market, including Tatts group. This council includes some of the biggest gaming sites that have origins outside of Australia. This includes UK companies like Betfair, William Hill Australia and Bet365, as well as Australian companies that are owned by offshore companies such as Sportsbet.

The letter of Mr. Cooke also stated that this council is basically a group of self interested bookmakers that are foreign owned. This council has been staging a campaign in order to achieve their goal to extinguish the prohibitions that are currently active to prevent in play betting on sports online in Australia.

It is well known that the licensed bookies in Australia have always feared from the onslaught of the overseas bases firms, although, some of them have acquired licenses from the Northern Territory. He also added that these companies contribute so little to the racing industry in Australia. Under the existing laws and regulations in Oz, Tabcorp and Tatts, that run similar TABs in New South Wales and Victoria, are subjected to more taxes than the overseas gaming operators.

In-Play betting, which is lobbied by the AWC would allow Aussies to place wagers on a sport during the game itself through the internet, as now, according to the IGA, in-Play betting is allowed only through the telephone. On the other hand, overseas sports-betting operators have navigated around this pitfall by allowing their users to place in-play bets during the game through their computer's microphone, to make auto “phone” wagers to the site. He also added that these bookmakers that are based in Gibraltar, Ireland and the UK have already harvested the online in-play betting markets in their home lands, and that they are looking for new areas to harvest and plunder, with Australia sitting on top of the list due to the fact that sports betting is highly popular among Aussies, because after all, the Australian sports betting market is one of the biggest ones in the world.