Tatts group to Re-brand Lottery Divison

Tatts Group is one of big names in the Australian gambling scene. The Australian firm has made an announcement that showed its intent and plan to rebrand and re position its own lotteries division and business. It is planning to rebrand it under the “Lott” brand. This will happen across 7 jurisdictions that include the states of Queensland and the NSW (New South Whales).

While there are many casino gambling groups, Tatts Group is one of the biggest non casino gambling companies, which is based in Melbourne. The company has revealed its new brand along with its logo that is going to be launched across all communication channels and customer facing company points.  This re branding process is going to include all operations of the company across Queensland, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria.

As was announced by Lotteries COO of the group, Sue Van Der Merwe, the business of lotteries have evolved greatly and the company has realized that it is ready for the upcoming growth phase, the evolution of Tatts Groups lotteries. It was also added that the gaming brands of the company already offers its players a pretty high level of integrity and trust as well as community core values and emotional attachments. On the other hand, the company understands that the landscape of the global lottery is changing and that the company needs to adapt with these changes which includes the branding strategy so they can remain on top of the game.

The company has been working with Hulsbosch, which is a design and a branding agency for the last year in order to form the brand new identity for the lotteries division. This division operates games for South Australia Lotteries as well as New South Wales Lotteries.

Van Der Merwe has added that they are confident in the Lott, which is the new brand of the division, which is a clear derivative of Lottery. They are confident that this brand is going to capture the essence of the games that the customer love and play. This new brand is simple and bold and it is inspired by rainbows as the new symbol will dynamically sweep over the clear horizon where players will find their glorious pot of gold.

Tatts Group has disclosed that the need to get the lotteries division re branded was reorganized for the first time by Robbie Cooke following his appointment as the CEO and Managing direction of the business back in 2013. It was claimed that a new identity is going to simplify the complicated brand architecture that was collected over time as a result of the many lotteries acquisitions that took place.