Tennis Star Faces Match Fixing Allegations In time for the Australian Open

The Australian Tennis sport has been shaken by the reports that one of its aspiring stars is being charged by match fixing charges at the age of eighteen. This coincided with the eve of the first match of the Australian Open, which is the worst timing for such scandalous news. The player who is in the middle of all of this is Oliver Anderson. Oliver Anderson has won the Australian Open boys title almost one year ago. This week, he was charged over allegations that are related to the Traralgon tournament that took place in October. Reports state that he is currently co operating with the Aussie authorities, following being charged.

The Reason behind the Match Fixing Allegations

The police of the Victorian state was alerted by several wagering companies. They were alerted regarding irregular and suspicious betting patterns on the match that Oliver Anderson has won against the fellow Australian player, Harrison Lombe. The allegations state that the player was approached in order to lose the first set on purpose. He ended up winning the match 4-6, 6-0 and 6-2. This comes in the heels of the match fixing talks that overshadowed the Australian Open 2016. These talks were a result of the major investigation that has revealed that more than forty high level tennis matches were flagged due to being suspicious.

There were plenty of lengthy investigations regarding the mixed double match at the Australian Open 2016. The investigations did not lead to any charges, which really frustrated the tennis authorities.

Match Fixing is an Ongoing Problem in Australia

In April of last year, Nick Lindahl, the ex Australian tennis player got fined and convicted over match fixing charges in a futures event that took place in Queensland Toowoomba. The head of the integrity Unit of Tennis Australia, Ann West, has stated that it was quite frustrating and disappointing that the Tennis sport keeps encountering such problems. On the other hand, this latest development mentioned above is a proof that the system that is being implemented to prevent corruption is actually working.
She stated to the ABC that her first reaction to this was disappointment.

She also added that she understands that this is a battle that they will always be fighting, but she believes that the message that they are spreading is getting out there. The message is, that they have zero tolerance towards match fixing. She also added that they are planning to increase the education opportunities with the players, yet she understands that this is not going to be a magical overnight fix. This news has sent quite a ripple through the sport of Tennis, especially that all of the biggest tennis players in the world are descending on Australia for the 2017 Australian Open that will start on the 16th of January.