The Anti Pokies Lobby Has Faith in the Upcoming Parliament

Andrew Wilkie, the Independent MP has stated that he was encouraged by the clear signs that the team of Nick Xenophon might win as much as 5 seats in the Australian Senate, or even a Lower House Seat during the election. This is because  Andrew Wilkie and Senator Xenophon have the same stance when it comes to pokies.  It seems that the Anti Pokies lobby is going to have great presence in the parliament, as the Greens, who are like Mr. Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenophon, they are in the favor of making reforms to the pokies and gambling regulations, are in a tight race and might be able to pick up a 2nd lower house seat.

Mr. Andrew Wilkie believes that the anti Pokies lobby might end up in a very unprecedented situation as they will have a big number of key crossbenchers in the parliament that have a deep and a genuine interest in gambling and pokies reform. Senator Nick Xenophon has announced that pokies reform was and will always be on top of his party’s priorities.  This is because the senator believed that Predatory gambling is like a litmus test for a good environment. This is because he believes that if the government is willing to accept sacrificing hundreds and thousands of people as a result of its gambling policies that result in a big level of harm, then one might think, what else can be going wrong.

The reforms to the poker machines regulations lost its position on the agenda of the parliament after the former prime minster, Julia Gillard decided to ignore a deal with Mr. Andrew Wilkie that would have introduced big reforms to the pokies regulation back in 2012. Mr. Andrew Wilkie has accepted to give his support of Ms Gillard in order to create a government in the hung parliament that was the result of the election of 2010. With the current polls of the election of this year being quite tight and close, the hope of yet another hung Aussie parliament with more than one anti pokies campaigner is really enticing and encouraging. Senator Xenophon has described this scenario and opportunity to be a 1 in a million opportunity.

On the other hand, Malcolm Turnbull the PM is against such prospect as he has urged the voters last week to vote against Nick Xenophon Team as well as The Greens in order to avoid the chaos of yet another hung Aussie parliament. Countering that statement, Senator Xenophon has stated that he was surprised that Mr. Turnball has become a panic merchant in his fight against pokie reform.