The Broncos beat The Dragons to get to the top of the NRL

Broncos beat The Dragons

The Broncos ended their two-game losing ill luck after an incredible six tries to one win over St George Illawarra on Friday night. The Broncos are set to be pasted on the NRL top spot for another week after this jaw-dropping win.

The Dragons Coach Mr. Paul McGregor had made a rather astonishing replacement by placing forward Jack De Belin at halfback since Benji Marshall was out with a Hamstring Strain. This risk of hope did not work in their favor even after reigning the first half and going into the second half 16-0 behind the Broncos. The team was also without their captain Ben Creagh in the second half after he bombed a concussion test that saw him forbear the rest of the match.

When asked about his decision to play Belin, the Dragons coach Mr. McGregor said that it was hazardous to play Drew Hutchinson in the tightly contested game since he was a rookie half. He said that at the beginning of the game he had thought of being defensive and therefore he needed his best defensive side on the field, and Jack was unmistakably and in an evident manner a part of it. He, however, did agree that it was very unfortunate that the team couldn’t get across that stripe.

The Broncos ensured that the only 11 tackles they made at the begining set of the game past the Dragon's half pitch yielded positive results. Some players like Jordan Kahu, Anthony Milford and Lachlan Maranta made this effort worthwhile. However, The Dragons were saved by Justin Hunt’s late minute solace try. This eased the damage The Broncos had caused as the team now struggles to stay in the league’s top 8 position. The Dragons closest call came in when winger Justin Hunt in some manner overshot a ball while attempting to swoop on it. In the second half, Broncos halfback Ben sealed their opponents’ fate after scoring a double.

The Broncos coach Mr. Bennett was speedy in noting his team’s improvement especially when it comes to controlling the ball in the field. This weakness was very evident in last weekend’s 18-16 loss to Canterbury. He said that his team had an exquisite defense compared to last week and that it worked well again even under a lot of pressure in the try-line. He also said that he, however, would like to see the team improve on building pressure on their rivals from the other end of the field.