The Mildura Casino Aims to Gain the Approval of the Victorian Government

The developer that is backing the plans for the convention center and Mildura casino, which are estimated to cost 300 million dollars, is aiming to gain the approval of the Victorian Government. He believes that in the case of public support, the Victorian Government is going to issue the 2nd license.

The developer behind these plans is Australia Cove Ltd. Tthe plans for this new development will cost $300 million, which is popularly known as “The Mildura”. This proposal, which is going to be built on the corner of Langtree and Seventh Street is going to include a 5 –star hotel, a casino as well as a huge convention center. This is not the first attempt, as previous attempts, the latest one being in 2011, which aimed to build a 2nd casino in Victoria in Mildura has failed. The State government of Victoria has once stated that it is not planning to issue a 2nd license for a casino in the state. The state government might be facing a big team this time, as the representatives of Mildura Tourism, The Mildura Development Corp. and the Mildura City Heart have all showed their support for the project. Bob Mclver, the chief executive of Australia Cove has stated that for this project to succeed and get approval, it requires public support.

According to Mr. Bob Mclver, this new building is going to really stand out and would really make a statement in the area of Mildura. It would include 165 hotel rooms, a basement car park as well as a boutique casino and retail space. He added that Australia Cove is not a new name in the industry, as it has people who had experience with such projects. He then gave an example, as he stated that he has been involved with this kind of projects since the 70s, this includes the Yulara Tourist Resort which is located in Ayers Rock, which means that they know what they are doing.

He also added that he had met Glenn Milne the mayor of Mildura, as well as Gerard Jose the Chief Executive in order to get the needed feedback on the casino’s proposal, but he has not received any response.

He believes that the developers can be successful in convincing the government to approve the license as the company understands the industry. On the other hand, he thinks that other projects that were rejected did not have the strategy for success.