The Victorian Elections To Affect Current Pokies Situations

As the Victorian council elections get closer, there is a recent survey that was conducted by the government. This survey’s results indicated that 98% of the participants prefer the existence of a jurisdictional authority over where would the pokie machines be placed in the state. This survey also stated that 99% of the participants are supporting the removal of all deceptive features and misleading ones from the pokies, as well as other forms of electronic gaming machines.

Although this survey was conducted by the AGR, which stand for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, which is an anti pokies group, the 2 part survey’s questionnaire was only given to candidates that are seeking office in the local council elections of Victoria that is going to occur later this month.

The questions that were given to the candidates by the survey, were related to pokie machines and their current situation in the state. These questions asked for their position regarding the removal of deceptive and misleading features that are programmed into pokies. The second question asked about their position regarding the authority of local governments over the place of these pokie machines in their communities.

This survey was sent via email to almost 1756 candidates. From these candidates, 493 responded, which would reflect almost 85% of the local presence of the Victorian Government. The AGR spokesman announced the results of the poll in a statement. The spokesman is Tim Costello who declared that the Administrative and Civil tribunal of Victoria has basically become a Rubber Stamp for the approval of expansions of pokie machines.

He added that it is pretty clear that the council of Victoria had enough of getting overruled by the state, and that they are simply overrun with the machines as well. In addition, all of the local governments do not benefit from the revenue, but they are expected to spend a ridiculous amount of money in order to handle the mess that is made by the addictive and misleading pokie products. The state governments always ensured that the local ones never have the power in order to protect the community from the dangers of these machines. The results of the poll show that overwhelmingly, the existing situation is not going to stay the same following the upcoming elections. The results of the survey are certainly going to be a tool in the hand of the AGR to be used in its campaigns in order to raise the awareness of the public towards pokie play and its dangers.

According to reports, on a yearly basis, the Victorian state draws more than 1 billion AUD from pokie licensing fees and taxes. On the other hand, the residents of Victoria spend 2.5 million AUD in losses, and this was last year.