UBet To Pay a Fine for its YouTube Gambling Ad in NSW

Ubet has found itself on the wrong side of the law as it faced two separate law suits  because of its latest promotional advertisement that are thought to be illegal. Ubet is one of the big companies in Australia as it operates a very popular online sportsbook. The Liquor and Gaming NSW has succeeded to bring 2 cases against the company which is based in Tasmania because its YouTube promotional advertisement was promoting the drinking of alcohol

The advertisement was showing a set of friends who are chilling in the pub as they hold glasses of liquor in their hands while they place bets on the NRL through their phones. Even without the alcohol consumption, the fact that the advertisement was promoting gambling to the residents of NSW was illegal as it breaches the law of the state, but the addition of alcohol consumption was a major breach.

Jane Mottley, the Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane has stated that the fine that the company has to pay is equal 3,300 dollars, in addition to 4,500 in costs. She also branded the allegations that the advertisement was placed as a result of a misunderstanding to be naïve and unprofessional.

More Wagering Companies Fall Foul in the courts of NSW

Ubet is not the only Aussie company to find itself in foul and under attack in the New South Wales court. As a few months ago in February, Topbetta Sports book had to pay a fine of 15,000 because of inducing the residents of NSW to gamble at their website. The NSW Liquor and Gaming also accused the company of breaching the regulations of advertising following the promotion of its “No Lost Saturday” promotion. This is because the bonus has promised players to refund up to 1,000 for the customers on their loses.

On a much bigger scale, one of the largest companied, Bet365 Australia had to pay 2.75 million dollars as a penalty as it was found guilty of offering Aussie players “free bets”, as the offer of free bets was misleading and not accurate. This offer was given to players in 2014, as new players got offered 200 dollars in free bets, but the wagering requirements attached to the offer were not mentioned.

Back to Ubet, the fine comes only a few days before a brand new self-regulatory code regarding gambling advertising becomes active. The AANA’s code has been in the works for quite some time, but everyone hopes that the gambling giants and the small sites would abide by the new set of rules for advertising and marketing.

This code aims to protect underage players from advertisement of gambling and ads that associate gambling with alcohol drinking as well as glorifying wagering as a mean to get a lot of money and become rich.