Ukash CasinosUKash is a simple way to make money accessible to everyone. If the location accepts Mastercard, they can then use the UKash card to pay for things in person as well. Easy to use online, the card allows money to be received and sent safely. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company is perfect for both personal and business use.

How does it Work?

The UCash system works by giving the user a voucher for online use. Once the code is entered, the site can validate the payment. The voucher cannot be sold or bought by another person or company. Money can be added to any account, and money can be safely, and efficiently exchanged online by anyone, at any time.

What's the Fine Print?

The best thing about UCash is the fine print. There are no fees or added expenses to use it. Purchases have no extra expense. There aren't any fess at ATM's either. That's the great part, its money processing the way it should be. When the user is in control, everyone benefits.

Online access to your money is great too. It's all available online, so information is always available. The UCash card is a wonderful way to use money overseas safely. If something happens, users can easily block the lost card and send a new one to the listed address.

How Much Do Transactions Cost?

The only costs are the transfers between members, card closures or when replacement cards are needed. ATM withdrawals in the United Kingdom also require a transaction cost. Everything else is free.


The vouchers work great for many online sites that use safe and anonymous forms of payment. That's exactly what most people want today. Remaining anonymous online is safe, and allows people to be private.


UCash began in the United Kingdom, and has been serving people online through 420,000 sites, and is able to be used in 55 countries today. It is growing daily, through users who have been happily using the business to do things safely and anonymously.

Where Can it Be Used?

It can be used virtually anywhere that accepts the vouchers. The UCash re-loadable cash card can be used in 55 countries today. It is important for users to know that the vouchers cannot be bought or sold. They can only be used on one of the 420,000 sites that accept them as cash.


UCash has become famous too! Seven awards have been given to UCash as the company has grown. Those awards speak loudly for the reliability and ease of use for the members. People that shop online, or play online games have come to love the ease of use with UCash.