Unibet Join In-Play Party With Conversation Driven App

The IGA is currently under review by the Australian government, and one of the key points that are being reviewed is the situation of the “in-play” sports bets, and whether to allow it, or issue strict laws to prevent it completely. Meanwhile, as the entire Australian sports wagering scene is waiting for the results of this review, which has been delayed more than once, there are many online bookmakers that are flaunting the law by finding a loophole that allows their punters to place online in play sports bets. According to the law, any in play sports bet has to be done through phone bets. This is why these bookmakers are creating apps that mimic the concept of “phone bets” by allowing their users to use their microphone while making their wagers. This tactic has been in use by some of the biggest bookmakers in the industry such as Sportsbet, Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. Despite the many lingering questions regarding the legality of such systems and Smartphone apps, they are being offered, at least until the review of the IGA (Interactive Gambling Act of 2001) of Australia is done.

The latest bookmaker to join the in play sports betting party online is the Australian Website that is based in Malta, UNIBET. As announced by the bookmaker, Unibet Sports Betting gets Talkative, referring to the ability to gives to its punters to place “phone-like” bets on their favorite sports. This application is currently available for Firefox and Chrome users. The company also promises its punters that a Unibet App for Smartphones will be arriving pretty soon to enable them to place in play sports bets on the go with ease.

Will Mace, Unibet’s Head of Strategic Development has commented on this new product by stating that the natural language interaction will enable the company to provide a simplified and a more positive experience for the customers in a somewhat complex industry.  He added that the speech enabled apps are more commonplace as they make placing the bets easier, intelligent, responsive and fast when compared to traditional ways. He believes that the customers are fed up with the clunky interfaces that rely on menus and a lot of complicated options, as more clients are demanding an easier and a conversation driven system. This product was created after a collaboration between Unibet and Artificial Solutions.

Artificial Solutions’ CEO, Lawrence Flynn has stated that the company is more than thrilled by working with Unibet and helping them to help them turn their vision of providing a simplified wagering interface to reality. This system aims to give the customer the control over the conversation, rather than the app. The internet has made it easy and more convenient for players to place bets, but with the menu driven systems and interfaces, it was still not as easy as walking into a betting shop and asking for a bet, but that is going to be changed with this new conversation driven app.