Upcoming Greyhound Ban Under Attack in Australia

In Australia, Mike Baird, the NSW Premier is urged to re-consider the institution of the impending greyhound racing ban. This comes amid many signs and warnings that this prohibition might affect the upcoming elections, as the ruling coalition government might lost its place because of this controversial ban.

The Sydney Morning Herald has released a report that indicates that Andrew Fraser has leaked an email that this impending prohibition is highly unpopular. The report also stated that this prohibition might see the leading party to struggle to retain its safe seat at the by-election that will take place in November. Andrew Fraser is the member of the Australian National Party, and is also Coffs Harbour’s state representative.

The Liberal Party of Baird rules the state of NSW with the relatively smaller Australian National Party.  The email that was leaked saw Fraser telling the Premier, as well as Troy Grant, his deputy, and the entire cabinet that this decision that is going to be effective from July 2107, which will ban greyhound racing, is going to reverse the political fortune of the ruling government. He also added that this decision will make the orange by-election simply unwinnable. He described the legislation to ban greyhound to be the catalyst that has caused the party to be in that position.

Fraser has come up with an alternative, as instead of outright banning greyhound racing, he suggested that the government should adopt a kind of reform legislative package. This package was proposed by the NSW Alliance of the Greyhound Industry. This proposal is going to witness the reduction of races, as well as the number of tracks and dogs. In addition, he suggested a legislation that is going to enforce a very high fine, a life ban from the sport and even jail term for anyone who wastes any of the greyhounds inhumanely or uses live baits.

Fraser also stated that the greyhound racing sport should be shut down if there was live baiting or in case of inhuman killing of dogs. He added that this decision can be taken with full confidence as the government has listened and acted in according to the given facts and the needs of the industry. He also wrote that they are trying to resolve this problem, as they are currently clashing head on with a political disaster.

This proposed ban came following a special commission’s report that found that almost 68,000 greyhounds were killed as wastage during the past 12 years. They were killed inhumanely as they were thought to be too slow and are no longer suitable for winning races. The report recommended that the parliament should decide if the industry has lost its social license, and if they should not be allowed to continue operating.