Wallabies and the All Blacks is now at the Rugby World Cup Finals

At long last, the epic match between New Zealand and Australia will finally happen at this years Rugby World Cup. When the Wallabies beat Argentina with a score of 29-15 in Twickenham during the semifinals, Australia was in an uproar of excitement coast to coast. While it may have not took place when originally expected, the legendary match between the All Blacks and the Wallabies will become a reality.

Coincidentally, both countries faced each other in March of this years Rugby World Cup and at the Cricket Word Cup. Also, they matched up during the Netball World Cup back in August. In the Rugby World Cup finals history the two teams met five times in the decider match. The Wallabies and All Black have been tense rivals for a long time now, and now the time has come to test each others best abilities against one another for keeps.

In each of the three sports mentioned, Australia has claimed victory within the most recent finals. In an astonishing six out of seven finals, both teams have made it every year. Until now, the greatest achievement rugby has was out of reach to the two contenders facing head to head due to minor mistakes on each end every year. They were very close on a few other situations, but the draw stated they would instead of facing within the finals, be sent to the semis.

Back in 1991, Australia went to Dublin and defeated New Zealand by a close match, and was able to clench the finals only one week later. After that, the Wallabies were able to achieve victory once again in their home base of Sydney, but unfortunately failed to hold the title to England. In 2011, New Zealand gained a victory in Auckland only to continue down the champions path to defeat France in the decider. This was after Australia lost the pool game versus Ireland and stopped in New Zealand's 1/2 draw.

There were many more very close misses starting back in 1991 that made the epic standoff between the Wallabies and the All Blacks, but now finally, 2015 will be remembered as one of the greatest Rugby World Cup Finals the world has ever seen.

Date: Saturday, October 31

Time: 4 p.m. GMT/12 p.m. ET/(Sunday, Nov. 1) 2 a.m. AEST/5 a.m. NZDT

Venue: Twickenham Stadium