Wellington Phoenix’s A-league status will not receive 10-year renewal

Bad news for Phoenix fans from the FFA today. The FFA, or Football Federal Association, which controls the licensing and agreements between teams, has decided on the licensing for the Wellington-based Phoenix football team. Their A-league license will no longer receive a 10-year renewal, instead the team will be required to submit a 4-year license which will expire near the end of the 2020 season. The decision came after a serious consideration of the role the team plays within the league and the current franchise troubles the Phoenix are encountering.

The FFA’s Chief Executive said Monday, they don’t feel that a 10-year license is within the best interest for Australian football. Instead, the 4-year license will give the team time to solidify its place within the A league. While the 4-year license has been offered to the team manager, he still hasn’t accepted or declined the offer and no comment has emerged about if they will apply for the license.

All other teams within the FFA A league were offered 10-year extensions or greater on their licenses, with said licenses expiring in 2034.

This is among other rumors which find that the FFA is looking to replace the Wellington-based Phoenix team with a third Sydney based team. Although the current facts point to simply adding a new team rather than replace the New Zealand based team. The Sutherland Shire area has been named as a possible new location for the new team, with meetings for the team have been held with all major football associations.

The Phoenix team manager doesn’t deny the rumors of the new team, rather denies that the team will replace the Phoenix in the A-league association. Rather than comment on the story or news, the team opted to postpone the decision, stating that the Phoenix board and Welsh ownership group should consider all their available options and the current situation before moving forward with a decision.

Overall, the future of the Wellington Phoenix’s A-league status is likely secured until 2020, however, the team will need to undergo drastic changes to its performance, ownership, and marketing to maintain its league status going forward.