William Hill and Ladbrokes Introduce Online In-Play Betting Call Tool in Australia 

William Hill Ladbrokes Australia Divisions have made it possible for Aussie punters to place live bets online, while the game is ongoing. In-play betting is actually not allowed in Australia. However, the Australian Division of UK leading bookmakers William Hill and Ladbrokes have found a way to work around the online ban for in-play betting.

Late last month, William Hill AU introduced its “Click to Call” in-play betting tool. Shortly thereafter, Ladbrokes AU came out with “Quick Call,” which practically has the same in-play betting functionality.

Under Australia’s 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, in-play sports betting is legal only if punters place wagers by way of landline phone or by transacting in person at retail betting outlets. This however, is not as convenient and as quick as betting online. Besides, the odds with in-play betting tend to change during the match, since those depend on the positioning and the performance of the team and its players.

The “Click to Call” and “Quick Call” in-play betting tools recently introduced by William Hill and Ladbrokes, allows punters to choose online from the two bookmakers' wide array of sports market offerings. Aussie players can then place and confirm the desktop or mobile initiated bet transaction via quick to access phone betting system. Both tools require players to give the website microphone access before going forward with the online live betting system.

However, “The Australian” came out with a report last Thursday stating that the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA has been receiving complaints about the new betting tools. Accordingly, ACMA responded by stating that it has placed those complaints “under consideration.”Apparently, ACMA's response did not sit well with South Australia's Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. The latter came out with a statement that he plans to write a demand letter addressed to ACMA, for the communications body to launch a formal investigation.

The SA Senator considers the AU-based William Hill and Ladbrokes tools as irreverent, as the application practically circumvents Australia's ban against interactive in-play betting. Senator Xenophon is mulling on pushing for an amendment to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act to establish clearly that those types of workarounds are unlawful.

About William Hill's “Click to Call”

  1. Hill Australia's “Click to Call” is now available at the William Hill AUS and Tom Waterhouse dotcom betting websites. The tool is available to users of desktops supported by Windows or MacOs Chrome or Firefox 22+, or Windows IE 10+, and Android/Chrome supported mobile devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone/Chrome, Aside from the Cancel and Confirm buttons, W. Hill's tool has a Replay option since the betting customer's call is being recorded in real time.

About Ladbrokes' “Quick Call”

The Ladbrokes “Quick Call” in-play betting tool is available to users of desktops supported by Windows/MacOs Chrome 31, Firefox 31+ or Opera 27+ and mobile devices supported by Android/Chrome.  Like W. Hill, Ladbrokes also requires customer's permission to access the enabled microphone. However, unlike W. Hill's in-play call betting tool, Ladbrokes' “Quick Call” does not have a REPLAY option, as it does not record a punter's call. Instead, the Ladbrokes technology synthesizes digitally, a customer's voice to process the live bet.