William Hill Investments to Increase as it Grows Strong in Australia

It seems that any thoughts that anyone had about the tough couple of years and their effect on William Hill are dismissed. This is because the gambling giant has confirmed that it is planning to raise its spending on marketing to 58 million dollars for this year along, in Australia. William Hill has gone through a great transition over the past years, as it managed to consolidate the 4 different brands it has in the Australian market.

These four brands are Tom Waterhouse, William Hill, Sporting bet and Centre bet, and they were all consolidated under one entity, the William Hill brand. Waterhouse is one of the most recognized bookmakers in Australia, who became the Aussie CEO back in 2014. Following that, the Aussie operations hit troubled waters because of the in play gambling product that the company invested a lot in. This is because this kind of gambling was made illegal following a change in the regulation in the NT area, in which William Hill holds its Aussie license.

William Hill Australia Strategy

The company has prompted a major change in its strategy, which endured major turmoil at its global level as James Henderson, the CEO, got ousted in 2016. There was a merger with Amaya, the owner of Pokerstars, but it did not go through. The company stated that it has 284,000 active players in Australia. The growth in this market is taking a more conventional path, despite the fact that the Centrebet brand went through a re-launching process recently in order to service the more serious players.

The annual report of the company has showed that the Aussie division has delivered an 18% growth when it came to the wagering turnover. It also witnessed an increase of 19% in accounts. Overall, the Aussie revenues increased by around 3%. In addition, the company has a lot of confidence in the local Aussie business and it is aiming to continue to support all of that with a great investment in marketing.

William Hill Increasing its Investments in Australia

William Hill stated that in Australia, the great improvement in the performance gave the company the confidence that it needs to consolidate its position as one of the challenger brands by investing in marketing. This is going to increase the marketing net revenue in the Australian market from 26 percent last year, to 28 percent this year. This investment is going to be supported by product innovations. The company, having its own technology platform, is able to release brand new products much faster than the competition.

Australia is one of the biggest digital gambling markets outside the United Kingdom, it remains a very competitive and an attractive market, and the company is planning to capitalize on its position as one of the big leading names in the industry.